How to use CPanel

South Jersey Websites hosting accounts use CPanel. This is the conrol panel for your hosting account. With CPanel, you can add email accounts, install databases, and install programs like Wordpress.

When you signed up for a hosting account, you were assigned a user name and password for your CPanel account. This is not the same as the user name and password for your billing account. If you don't know your CPanel user name and password, you may request help by sending an email to You must use the email address you used when your billing account was set up for verification purposes.

To log into your CPanel account, go to: Then enter your user name and password.

Once logged in, you'll see a number of icons for each of the features.

The first icon you'll see is "Getting Started Wizard".  Click it and you can see much of the information you'll need to use your CPanel. You can go step by step, or jump to any section to learn about the features of your CPanel. Setting up email accounts are included in the step by step instructions.

Also on the first row of icons is the "Video Tutorials" link. Clicking here will take you to a number of instructional videos that will teach you more features of CPanel.

The third icon will change your CPanel password.

The mail icons will add or edit email accounts, allow you to forward emails to other addresses, and set up auto responders. Spam filters are here as well. Set them to control spam to any of your accounts.

Other articles in this section will outline many of CPanels features such as the Softaculous script installer, RVSitebuilder, and domain control.

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