Adding an Email Address through CPanel

Your web hosting account comes with email accounts at your domain name. Follow these instructions on how to set up your email accounts:

Log into cpanel here: Put in your cpanel user name and password. Note: this is not the same as the user name and password for your billing account.

Click the envelope icon that says, "Email Accounts".

Enter the desired name into the "Email" field. If you have more than one domain name hosted in your account, use the drop down menu to choose the domain name you want to use.

Enter the desired password into the password field. This must be entered twice. You may use the Password Generator to create a secure password. If you create your own, the system will make sure it is a sufficiently stong password. This is for security purposes.

You can choose the mailbox quota or choose unlimited. Your email account can't exceed the limits of your hosting plan however.

Then press the "Create Account" button.

Existing email accounts can have their quotas changed, passwords changed, or deleted on this same page.

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